Electrifying our region for a sustainable future

Local 103 and the Boston chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association are doing our part to meet demand by investing upwards of $10 million every year to recruit, educate, train, and upskill our network of 9,000 plus workers to support both consumer and commercial demand for electric infrastructure. With strategic investments in workforce development, our membership has increased by nearly 2,500 members in the last several years. That growth is about to double, as we prepare to add another 5,000 members over the next five years to meet the Commonwealth’s clean energy goals.

We are ready to service all your clean energy needs.

Electric Vehicles (EV):

Charging Infrastructure Installation
Maintenance and Repairs
Consultation and Design
Integration with Renewable Energy

Solar Energy:

Solar Panel Installation
Energy Storage Solutions
Solar System Maintenance
Net Metering Setup

Hydrogen Energy:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Installation
Hydrogen Infrastructure Development
Safety and Compliance
Efficiency Optimization

Wind Energy:

Site Assessment and Feasibility Studies
Turbine Maintenance and Repairs
Community Wind Projects
Offshore Wind Farm Expertise

Geothermal Energy:

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation
Geothermal Retrofitting
Deep Geothermal Exploration
Geothermal District Heating Systems